Your Wilderness Revisited

by William Doyle

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This album has been rattling inside of me for over 10 years now. When I left the suburb I spent my entire teenage life in, I started to think back to it and notice the influence it had on me, on my art, and on my development as a person. The architecture and the planning of the modern British suburb influenced this album as much as the experiences and emotions I superimposed upon that landscape at a formative age. I started creating in these places, I started to expand myself in these places, I grappled with grief and loss in these places. I realised that I wouldn’t be alone in having these experiences here, and so I thought there should be a way of redefining or reimagining these places that painted a different picture of them in our collective consciousness. These weren’t just places to escape to the nearest city from – perhaps they held as much truth and beauty in them as anywhere else. This album is, in part, an interrogation and excavation of that truth and beauty.

This album is dedicated in memory to my father Martin Doyle and my friend Ben Clark

The long few years this album took to complete were survived only through the love and support of the following people:
Rory Bligh, Charlotte Gush, Ryan MacPhail, Tida Bradshaw, Luke Turner, John Doran, Sapphire Goss, Matt Colquhoun, John Parry, Karl Henson, John Thorp, Tom Brain, Danny Kelly, Elizabeth Mutter, Conor Flannery, Chris Machell, Katherine Farrimond, Andy Inglis, Tristan Williams, Rachael Patterson, Joe Spray, Molly O’Brien, Amy Morgan, Ed Horrox, Fabian Prynn, and everyone at Beggars, Adam Saunders, Chris Duncan, Tanya Palaci, Joe Osborne and the team at The Orchard, Helen Ganya Brown, Erland Cooper, Jack Found, Jo Rendle, Alex Painter, Will Burgess, Sinead Mills, Ben Ayres, Nick Carling, Ashiya Eastwood, David Cross, Freya Edmondson, Emily-Clare McCallum, Rebecca Perry, Amy Key, Karl Smith, Laurie Tuffrey, Pete Darlington, Tony Njoku, Laura Misch, Sophie Paterson, Sophia Struszczyk, Rachel Poxon, Rick Holland, Cindy Sharman, the Brothers Horton: Nick, Phil and Chris, Bee Horton, my Mum, Trev, my sisters Stephanie and Amy and their wonderful families.

A special thanks to -
George Hider for his belief, generosity,
talent and invaluable assistance

Brian Eno for his contribution, encouragement
and many years of direct and indirect influence

Jonathan Meades for his contribution, help,
and guidance through the best free show on Earth


released November 1, 2019

Produced and mixed by William Doyle
Additional Production and Engineering on Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5 & 9 by George Hider
Mastered by Jason Mitchell at LOUD Mastering

Lyrics by William Doyle

The spoken section of Design Guide is a collage of words taken from
housing design guides issued by councils across the United Kingdom

The spoken section of An Orchestral Depth is by Jonathan Meades,
and originially featured in his programme ‘Father To The Man’

Recorded in bedrooms in York, Brighton, London, and a kitchen in Chandler’s Ford
Additional recording at 4AD Studios, London

Mixed at all of the above, with the final touches at Erland’s studio
Drum Engineering on Track 1 by Fabian Prynn and George Hider at 4AD Studios
Brian Eno engineered his voice recording at his studio in London
Jonathan Meades was recorded at Cité Radieuse-Le Corbusier, Marseille
via Skype at William’s studio in Hoxton

Photography by Matt Colquhoun
Art Direction, Design & Layout by William Doyle


William Doyle - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar,
Acoustic Guitar, Drum Programming, Synths, Percussion
George Hider - Electric Guitar
Fabian Prynn - Drums

Nobody Else Will Tell You
William Doyle - Vocals, Synths, Drum Programming,
Bass Guitar, Electric Guitars, Percussion
Laura Misch - Saxophone

William Doyle - Vocals, Synths, Drum Programming,
Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
George Hider - Drum Machines, Acoustic Guitar

Design Guide
William Doyle - Vocals, Synths, Drum Programming,
Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Brian Eno - Spoken Word
George Hider - Bass Guitar
Tristan Williams - Drums

William Doyle - Vocals, Synths, Drum Programming,
Percussion, Electric Guitar
George Hider - Bass Guitar
Tristan Williams - Drums
Alex Painter - Saxophone

Full Catastrophe Living
William Doyle - Vocals, Synths, Electric Guitar
Alex Painter - Saxophones

Blue Remembered
William Doyle - Vocals, Synths, Drum Programming,
Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

An Orchestral Depth
William Doyle - Vocals, Synths, Piano, Field Recordings
Alex Painter - Saxophone
Jonathan Meades - Spoken Word

Thousands of Hours of Birds
William Doyle - Vocals, Synths, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
George Hider - Bass Guitar, Synths


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William Doyle London, UK

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Track Name: Millersdale
and so everything fell upon me
cascading indefinitely

but in a sense
I felt it cement my place in it all, my resolve

I opened up
and bloomed from a house
that is no longer mine to behold

one residence wrapped in ivy.
end terrace life, tilting slightly.

the shape of grief is condensed between
the glazing that framed every scene

immense and excellent mess
that was floating / wild / free

it’s no golden age, or golden longing
just iron cast, monolithic

reminders of the lack of a tether
as light as the days were alive

the open fire,
the flames of creation,
the flames of a lessening dread
Track Name: Nobody Else Will Tell You (Feat. Laura Misch)
I went for a walk
and now I feel a difference

imagine, a moment,
that the trees and the shades are displaced

all of a sudden
the world unravels before you

the controlled destruction
of the walls, the fence, the washing line

I don’t say anything as it’s not my place to say
but nobody else will tell you.

I had determined
the forest was a border, infinite

but now I feel my place is wider because of it

and in the nearer thickets
of paths and avenues

there was so much to bend with,
to break and magnify

there is so much to see
understand and set free
that nobody else could tell you

all those circles you see
can just be so enveloping
but nobody else will tell you otherwise

there is no banality
within your vicinity
but nobody else will tell you

all those circles you see
can be so enveloping
but nobody else will tell you -
nobody but you can tell you
Track Name: Design Guide (Feat. Brian Eno)
- Distinctive and positive identity -
- An understandable layout -
- A sense of place -
- Informal interaction among people -
- Locally distinctive -
- Safe -
- Welcoming -
- Create visual interest -
- Active street frontages -
- The presence of gateways -
- Adaptability within the open space -
- Decreasing dependency -
- A sense of community -

[All we feel all around us is centred
on ideals resembling heaven
there is nothing we want more than for a
sense of space among flowers and water
harmony between us and the ether
in a uniform configuration
within reason and without sensation
nothing standing obscuring the centre
Labyrinthian into forever]

I stood still in the cool of the evening
watched the sun as it skimmed the horizon
every house silhouetted in unison

and that buzz of nothing in the distance
was not hissing from deep in the forest
but the streetlamp from where I was standing

Labyrinthian into forever